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of Holinstinct.

Holinstinct was founded by the visionary partnership of Bernadett and Maria Udvardi-Gocs in 2023 in Switzerland. The innovative approach seamlessly merges holistic well-being principles with corporate strategies, nurturing productivity, resilience, and a culture of thriving success.

Maria Gocs

Bernadett Treso

Vision statement of Holinstinct

Providing comprehensive well-being programs for companies and employees, enabling them to flourish and succeed, fostering a groundbreaking synergy between body and mind in every area of their lives.

Holinstinct Services

„Revitalize and Thrive”:

Enhancing Energy, Resilience, and Stress Management

1. Workshops and Webinars

Tailored sessions covering a spectrum of topics aligned with energy enhancement, resilience, stress management, and self-confidence. Participants gain practical tools and insights for immediate implementation in their professional and personal lives.

2. Online Guided Programs (available from September 2024)

Access our platform for personalized programs integrating self-coaching, nutritional guidance, mindfulness, and body movement.

3. Ongoing Support

Holinstinct provides continuous support to manage challenges and ensure steady progress in the well-being journey.

Why Holinstinct?

„We believe that a holistic approach is key to thriving in both personal and professional realms. Our programs are designed to equip your team with the tools and support they need to revitalize their energy, build resilience, and navigate stress effectively. With Holinstinct, your team’s well-being is not just a goal; it’s a journey towards sustained growth and empowerment.
Experience the transformative power of our “Revitalize and Thrive” program and witness the positive impact on your team’s performance, satisfaction, and overall well-being.”

Bernadett & Maria

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